BEST ENSTA Paristech

BEST ENSTA Paristech

How to participate to a BEST seminar (BEST Course)?

Finding the course of your dreams

First, you’ve got to select the courses that may interest you. The list of the incoming courses for which you can apply is here or directly on the BEST website. Be careful, remember the next application deadline!

Signing up on the BEST website

It’s very simple, and necessary for you to apply to the courses. On the homepage you just have to click on "Not a user yet? Please register" and sign up with your ENSTA mail adress for exemple. You will receive an email containing your password so you will be able to connect on the website for the following steps.

How to choose the courses to apply for?

Choose the courses that interest you taking into account the place and ALSO the subject. Be careful about the dates too: even if your absences are excused, try to avoid exam periods because you will be forced to have them anyway.

How to apply?

Once you selected three courses (maximum) for which you want to apply, you’ll have to fill in information about your scolarship, be careful not to make mistakes!

Then clic on the "Apply now!" field next to the course you like. You will then be redirected toward a page that reminds you about some information about your sign up details, clic on "Do it now!", then "I have read and accept these terms!" after you read the conditions.

Finally, you will have to fill up the field on your school programme (the french “Engineering degree” equivalent would be "Master of Engineering Science"; for Faculty, just put "ENSTA ParisTech). The LBG (Local Best Group) that is responsible of your appliance is obviously the LBG ENSTA ParisTech. To finalize, you will be asked to write your student number, it’s your INE on your ISIC card for exemple.

How to write your motivation letter?

First, know that the people that will organize the course and will select participants are students just like you: make them want to meet you! The selection criteria are often said to be interest on the course’s subject, the interest for the place, your fun and good personality you show through your letter. Note that a good english level is often better!

If you need help, never hesitate to send a mail to We will answer all your questions very fast, and we can give you some advice about you motivation letter. Write [ML] in the subject so a member of BEST ENSTA ParisTech will answer as fast as possible.

Try to have fun writing it, and show how dynamic and interesting you are as a person, and how much you are a must-have during this week! In simple words: Show all the best out of you !

More info on BEST international website - Motivation Letter.

What is the cost of a course?

You will have to pay your round trip ticket for the destination where you are accepted, and an additionnal fee of about 40 euros specific for each course. (It is specified in the info related to the course.) During the course, you will be fed, housed and entertained, and no other charge will be mandatory for you to pay.

Any other question?

Do not hesitate, if you have questions to send us an email, or to come directly and talk to us ! You can also check the questions page, maybe your answer will be there!